Through our Travel Managers partner, Renny Karsten, we offer travel experiences with an extra layer of meaning.

Our focus is on cultural experiences that come from a place of respect, for earth and people. We work with some of the smaller tour operators that use local services, provide authentic experiences, and are off the beaten track.

Think…working with local weavers and learning their craft, slow travelling your way by bike, a contribution journey where your skills can bring value to a community, visiting a charitable service you have supported, or unwinding at an eco-retreat as part of a relationship nurturing getaway…

Travel that fills your heart.


Cultural immersion tours
dash_blackEco getaways
dash_blackYoga, meditation or Relationship nurturing retreats
dash_blackContribution journeys
dash_blackOr create your own personalised trip


Pollinate Energy, an innovative social enterprise, work to provide solar energy to the poorest areas of India. Pollinators are local Indian men and women who come from disadvantaged backgrounds but have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to make a difference in their own communities. Through Pollinate Energy, they get the opportunity to start their own business going door-to-door selling life-changing solar lights, improved cookstoves, solar fans and water filters to families living in slum communities. Going beyond the charity model, this approach creates local employment and training opportunities.

Pollinate offer the perfect opportunity to bring your skills to a social and environmental cause in a meaningful way, with volunteers matched with work requirements in India. Contribution journeys for professionals are held twice yearly, with the next departure being Sept/Oct 2017.

Contact us to learn more, and combine your India travels with a chance to give back.


Renny has over 20 years experience in the travel industry, with a passion for ethical travel that leaves only footprints, where you return home with a full heart and alive with purpose.

“The more I’ve traveled the world, the more I’ve realised that it is less about what you see, and more about the growth that it sparks within”.

So much to dream about! What’s calling you right now?


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