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  • Nov242016

    Bring back bartering: Photographer Lakshal Perera shares the perks

    Photographer Lakshal Perera shares the beauty of the give and take within bartering I was born in Australia but grew up in Sri…

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  • Nov152016

    Steve and Natasha’s enticing elopement in snowy New Zealand

    What does a couple do when their family and friends are scattered all over the world? When asking them to…

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  • Nov132016

    Lovebirds Nic and Rob celebrate 34 years together

    Walking along the street holding hands and leaving room in their schedule to do nothing is what this couple enjoy.…

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  • Nov092016

    Refreshing Ease: Bronya and Lucas’ relaxed wedding

    Bronya and Lucas managed to cobble a fairytale wedding together in only 6 weeks. With plans to relocate to New York,…

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  • Nov032016

    Ethical Gift Registry Partner: Offspring Project

    Offspring Project: A transition and freedom business for survivors of sex trafficking in India.   Here at LSMM we’re a…

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