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Aimee Catt Photography | Eco Photographer of Life & Lovers

Aimee Catt Photography | Eco Photographer of Life & Lovers
Same sex wedding Brisbane by Aimee Catt
Natural light photographer Brisbane, Aimee Catt
At home engagement session, Brisbane, Eco Photographer Aimee Catt
Sunshine Coast wedding photographer Aimee Catt
Vegan wedding photographer Aimee Catt

I’m Aimee and I just love love so dang much. 

I’ve always loved documenting memories and moments and that’s what I’m here for; to document your story. I’m here for the giggles, the tears, the cuddles, the kisses - ALL.THE.FEELINGS. 

I'm more interested in how you feel in your dress/suit rather than what designer it is. I'm more interested in how you look at each other rather than the look of your venue.  I'm more interested in seeing all the people you love having a laugh and letting loose on the dance floor rather than what's at the centre of your tables. I’m interested in telling your story.

I’ll be your friend on the day.

If you cry, I’ll cry. Heck, I’ll probably cry anyway.  As well as your friend and third wheel, I’m “a fly on the wall”. I want your day to be your day, I’ll photograph it as it happens and won’t force much.  I take a documentary approach and only offer direction when and where needed, but again - making it memorable and about you; getting you laughing, smooching, talking.  I’ll never ask you to “look at me and smile” - it’s just not my thing.

I’m an eco-friendly photographer.

I care about our impact on the environment and ensure all my equipment and packaging is environmentally and animal friendly. With this and my moment loving, I just thrive at a hand/homemade wedding and a wedding that’s done in your own way. I’m recently married myself (HOORAY) and I have a better understanding of what’s really important on the wedding day. It’s saying I do and having a damn good time. It’s what it FEELS like over what it looks like (though I’m sure it looks great too!). It’s about all the love around you. You do you, get married how you want. If you don’t care about the traditions, don’t have them. It’s your life, your party and I can't wait to be part of it.

“Good photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field” - A quote by some guy called Peter Adams which I just live for.

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