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Most of us are solo business owners, and we get it…we need our tribe. Feeling connected to others who have the same purpose running through our veins, lifts us all. This is a space for us to re-set, and to feel heard and understood. To give and receive from our learning, so that together we become stronger.

Ann Taylor from Ceremona and Sandra Henri, Founder of Less Stuff, More Meaning (LSMM), are offering our members a sacred, safe space to connect, create community, nurture ourselves and our purpose-driven wedding businesses.

All online, from the comfort of our own homes, with doonas and yoga mats featuring strongly!


Would you like to

Feel grounded in yourself and your why
dash_blackHave time to go within, reflect on your business and any blocks as they arisedash_blackConnect with like-minds across Australia and NZ, making new friends along the waydash_blackShare ideas and knowledge within our tribe of change-makersdash_blackGrow and market your business with an authentic and heart-led approachdash_blackMake self-care a priority, knowing this is where our power liesdash_blackRecharge, connect and grow as part of your business practice

Join us!


I draw upon my own Native American ancestry and deep connection to all things spiritual to create sacred space for each type of ceremony. Facilitating circles is one of my favourite ways to foster connection between people and with the great unknown. I gain so much nourishment from every circle that I lead and love seeing the way that it builds and strengthens community.

My circles usually involve rituals that honour the elements and nature, my ancestral roots and our collective connection to celestial events. This structure forms a container where everyone feels safe and free of judgment. I always set aside space for spontaneity – every circle is different because of the energy that each person brings. That’s what I love most about being part of regular circles – I always receive new wisdom. Circles are all about equality – even though I’m the facilitator, there is an equal exchange of energy because everyone brings their own life experience to share. I like to end a circle with a meditation, which gives everyone a chance to integrate what they’ve just taken part in and reset our busy minds before heading back out into the world.

Images of Ann Taylor by Lovelenscapes Photography.


This offering grew out of the feedback received from our members; that we all feel a little isolated and would love to connect in real life with others in our community. On a personal level, I understand that running a business, especially a business with purpose, requires us to give much of ourselves. My experiences with depression have taught me that we can’t give from an empty cup, and making self care a priority is not a luxury, but a necessity in creating a sustainable enterprise. Open hearted, authentic connection means everything to me, and in this spirit, I invite you to join our circle where your truest self is welcomed and appreciated. There is an ancient wisdom within each of us, knowing that together we are stronger. I’m grateful that you’re here.




Creation of sacred space and intention for the circle
dash_blackConnection to the rhythms of nature and oracle card guidance
dash_blackYin yoga poses/breathing exercises
dash_blackOpportunities for self reflection, sharing and discussion
dash_blackTime to tap into our inner knowing
dash_blackClosing with Meditation



Circles will be held monthly, alternating between mornings at 10am AEST and evenings 7pm AEST. Attendance is flexible with an aim to meet a variety of members at each circle. Capped at 10 participants.


Cost: $20 per session

(+ Eventbrite fee)

to cover the cost of Ann’s facilitation

(Sandra’s time is included in your LSMM membership fee).



DISCLAIMER: By purchasing a ticket to this circle (“Event”), you acknowledge that the Event and anything said by Ceremona and Less Stuff More Meaning (“Organisers”) is not a substitute for professional medical and mental health care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, whether physical, mental or emotional. Further, you agree to hold the Organisers harmless from any and all claims, loss or damage to personal property, liabilities and costs, including legal fees, as a result of your participation in the Event or any events incidental to the Event. If the Organisers incur any of these types of expenses, you agree to reimburse the Organisers.



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