A simple tool to calculate the carbon footprint of your wedding, to enable you to offset or reduce your impact.

Weddings and sustainability might seem like an odd couple, but we’re here to challenge that. This world’s first Wedding Footprint Calculator combines industry knowledge with scientific data, empowering you to work out your wedding’s carbon emissions…better yet, tangible ways to plan your wedding with care for the planet.

It’s what we call wedding activism

How to use the calculator

Enter the answers to each question in the boxes and dropdowns below. The tool works best on a desk/laptop device.
dash_blackYou may need to look up a few details, such as how far your international guests are traveling (search this roughly on Google maps).
dash_black If you don’t know the answer, select “no” and our assumptions will do the job.
dash_blackIf you wish, re-calculate your result based on more eco-friendly options and learn how much of a difference you can make.dash_blackAs our wedding culture is similar across the globe, the calculator is applicable internationally – for both couples and vendors.

Let’s begin

This calculator has helped


people create a more sustainable wedding


Take Climate Action

With every mindful wedding we lower emissions, support greener businesses and share our values. Together, we’re re-inventing wedding culture. This is grass-roots activism at it’s joyful best.



“The wedding industry and a lot of wedding resources promote materialistic, expensive and exhaustingly long ‘to do/ to buy/ to conform to’ lists and standards, however, the Less Stuff – More Meaning website and the Mindfully Wed E-Guide are the antithesis of that mentality. They are refreshing and calming and make the experience much more enjoyable and help you to create a wedding that reflects you both and aligns with your values and beliefs, not the wedding you think you should have.” Emma & Brad.


This calculator was developed by Edge Environment for Less Stuff – More Meaning, with wedding specific data. We created a model of the total wedding footprint based on supplier data, lifecycle assessment databases and some of our research to fill in the gaps. We used greenhouse gas (CO2 equivalent) factors from an impact assessment method called ReCiPe with Australian life cycle assessment data (from two databases, AusLCI and Exiobase). The impacts of waste production are based on the average waste produced in events in Australia and New Zealand. As our wedding culture is similar across the globe, the calculator is applicable internationally.

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